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Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer
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Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer
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Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer
Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer
Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer
Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer

Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer

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  • Keep your kids' car essentials arranged and accessible with this organizer.
  • Say goodbye to fumbling around for your child's water bottle or snack with this handy holder that clasps securely to the front seat using clips.
  • With six compartments, there's plenty of space to store everything from bottles and toys to a lunchbox or tablet.
  • Make car rides more enjoyable with this holder designed specifically for kids.
  • Running out of storage space in your car This organizer provides extra room to keep your child's items tidy and easy to find.
  • The cartoonist design makes organizing fun! Your kids will love using it to store their things and feel like they have their very own special spot in the car.
  • Measuring 20.8 x 17 (approx.), it is the perfect size to fit in your car's interior.
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Are you tired of constantly cleaning up your car after your kids make a mess? If so, you'll definitely want to check out this kids car seat storage organizer.

Not only is this organizer adorable and perfect for babies, toddlers, kids, and young teens, but it also has a variety of handy pockets and compartments to help you keep your car organized and clutter-free.

The six separate storage compartments are designed to let you declutter your car by keeping every kid necessity in different sections.

The first compartment is perfect for wet cleaning wipes, while the two long pockets are great for holding bottles or snacks. You can use the two high pockets for juice boxes or hand sanitizer, and the one large, net storage compartment at the bottom is perfect for books and toys.

There are even two small Velcro straps for hanging small toys or trash bags, making it super easy to travel with your kids.

And with a large variety of adorable patterns and characters to choose from, it's easy to find just the right storage organizer for your little one.

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Betty. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
It's a gift! It came right on time! I'm very pleased
Judith. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
It came in the mail the day my daughter.... son-in-law and new granddaughter were leaving to travel to another state for work. It came in handy. My daughter loves it.
Vivienne Vivienneflag imageVerified Purchase
Super pleased with this product! So many cute designs too. Be aware, my emails didn’t go to my inbox so I had to search for them! Customer service was great also.

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Listed on 16 February, 2018