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Light Up Whale Bathtub Toy For Kids

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About this item

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  • Made of ABS
  • Induction water bath toy
  • Produces water sprays instantly
  • Works on 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • In-built flashing LED lights
  • Waterproof battery compartment
  • Endless entertainment for kids
  • Recommended age of usage: 1.5 years & above
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Item description from the seller

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Here’s why you should encourage the habit of water sports among your little kids:

It is a great form of exercise for every part of the body.

It increases metabolism.

It helps burn calories the natural way.

But before kids get themselves in the field of water sports, a bathtub is their ground. This is where you will have to instill a love for water sports in them. And the best way is to get them water toys like this sprinkler whale baby bath toy with led lights.

This is an induction sprinkler toy – when kept onto the water, it instantly gives off 6-inch sprays. Get your little ones laughing and enjoying themselves. After all, what’s more valuable for a mother than a happy, smiling kid!

What you’ll get:

  • Enjoyable sprinkler with LEDs: There are two main features of this bathtub toy. Firstly, it is a 7-hole water sprinkler and secondly, it contains flashy LED lights (can play in darkness too). Both these features are hot favorites of the kids and thus, this toy will definitely give them a memorable bath time.

  • Simple operation: Simply put 3 AAA batteries in the battery compartment, turn the button on and put it onto the water. It has induction sensors on the bottom which will sense the water and atomize 7 water columns in the air instantly. The height of the water sprays generated is approximately 6 inches.

  • Develops athletic skills in the kids: This light-up whale bathtub toy can be used to develop athletic skills in your kids. You can have him/her wear a floating ring and place the light-up toy at a distance in the pool and make him/her reach it. It will also improve your relationship with your children.

  •  Waterproof battery compartment: The battery compartment contains water-resistant rubber that prevents water from getting in. Make sure that you tighten the screws of the battery compartment properly before placing the toy onto the water. It is great for inflatable pools, beaches, bathtubs and swimming pools

* The whale sprinkler bath toy is only meant to float onto the water. It shouldn’t be dunked. Recommended age of kids to play with this toy is above 1.5 years.