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Lotus Flower Baby Bath Mat

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About this item
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  • Material: Sponge, plush
  • Lotus-shaped baby bath mat
  • Fits into the sink and bathtub
  • Provides a non-slip, comfortable bath
  • Suitable for kids above 3 months
  • Dries up quickly
  • Machine-washable
  • Folds for storage
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No doubt there are several ways of bathing your tiny, adorable baby but here’s what’s wrong in those ways.

Using a sponge or wet wipes: It only gets rid of the surface dirt and is expensive in the long run.

Bathtub: Your sensitive baby’s skin might get scratched during the process and you have to keep one arm under his/her head for support.

Sink: The metallic edges might scratch your toddler’s body and the water splashes on the countertop.

So what is the solution? It’s as simple as getting this cushiony, lotus-shaped baby flower bath mat. Spread it calmly into the sink or the bathtub and put your loving kid in it.

It gives the required support to the head, you can either turn the tap on or use the water collected in the sink to bathe him, it provides protection from the plastic and metallic edges, it prevents splashing of water.

We can’t rave enough about this ingenious invention – an all-in-one bathing solution for your little angels. Ready to be cuddled, embraced and appreciated.

What you’ll get:

  • Safe bath in the sink: No need to bathe your baby in the bathtub or shower. Close the drain of your sink and spread this mat into the sink before turning the tap on. It provides optimal sink coverage; there is no danger of any metallic part of the sink touching the soft flesh (bum, back, elbows) of your toddler.

  • Convenient bath for babies: The soft flower bath mat for baby cradles your little ones like no other mat or bathtub and keeps them stable in the sink or bathtub. There is no danger of any part of the plastic bathtub or metallic sink touching the soft flesh of your toddler while bathing him. It provides the soft cushioning that they need to remain calm during the bath.

  • Dries up quickly: After the bath, squeeze out the absorbed water from the flower baby bath mat by applying pressure on it and then dry it in the drier. You can also hang dry it using the holding strap present on its back side.

  • Compact storage: Although the lotus-shaped non-slip mat is approximately 80 cm in length, it can be folded for easy and compact storage. Keep it tucked in your room’s cupboard.
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Listed on 14 July, 2021