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Magnetic Floating Globe With LED Light

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About this item
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  • Material: metal ABS
  • Levitating globe with C-shaped ring
  • Colorful LED backlight
  • Use as a home dcor item, kids learning, etc.
  • The globe is held by the frame when the light goes off
  • Diameter of the C-ring: 7.08 inch approx.
  • Diameter of the globe: 3 inch approx.
  • Powered by 12 V DC adapter
Item description from the seller
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Sit in your room watching the world go by!

Yes, the magical magnetic floating globe with LED light is here! And with great effect, we must add.

Observe the spinning Earth inside the elegantly lit C-shaped ring and take a whole round of the world. It gets powered by 12V DC adapter and uses the power of levitation to awe-inspire the viewers. 

What you’ll get:

  • Pleasant home décor item: The floating and spinning globe inside the C-shaped ring will look mesmerizing to the eye. It gives your room and office space a lively but soothing vibe. There is a multi-color LED light inside the C-ring that enhances the effect even more. It uses the power of electromagnet and microprocessor to initiate the levitation process.
  • Awesome electronic gadget: This floating Earth is a cool gadget you can impress your pals, colleagues and guests with. Kids and teenagers will love this gadget especially.
  • Multiple uses: This magnetic floating globe lamp can be used as an adornment piece, a reading light, a night lamp, a desk lamp, an advertising display, a birthday gift or a tool for kids’ learning.

* In case the light goes off, the spinning globe will be held by the frame (won’t break).

How to turn on and function the Levitating Floating Globe:

  1. Place the C-shape structure on the desk and turn it on by attaching the cable. Hold the globe with the auxiliary sticks and position it in the curve. Move the south pole of the globe vertically downwards.
  2. Mobe it around until you start feeling the levitation force.
  3. Slowly remove the hands and sticks and watch as the globe floats in the air.
  4. Give it a spin and it will start revolving on its axis.

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