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Mandala pendant Swarovski crystal necklace embroidered necklace beaded pendant chain lamp work cabochon

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About this item
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  • Mandala pendant
  • Embroidered necklace
  • Swarovski crystal pendant
  • Gold-plated chain
  • Diameter 3, 5", chain length 22"
  • OOAK
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Item description from the seller
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Pendant Mandala embroidered with beads and Swarovski crystals bright size 8 by 8 cm

Large pendant Mandala embroidered with beads and Swarovski crystals on a gold-plated chain measuring 8 by 8 cm, necklace length 55 cm

The beautiful Mandala pendant "Radiance of the Pure Mind", in the center of its meditative handmade glass cabochon, is surrounded by Swarovski crystals, which are bright and sparkling, all this together gives the pendant a magical charm.

It is stylish and attractive, it will look great on plain things that will emphasize its radiance and your excellent taste.

In style, it is close to drama, to its ethnic direction.

Embroidered with Japanese Miyuki and Toho beads with Swarovski elements, the back side is decorated with genuine leather.

The radiance of a pure mind, that's what I called the pendant, and it really is about the radiance, but not of the mind, but of love. It has now become fashionable to explain feelings in terms of chemistry, to declare them banal, but without them, everything in our life would be meaningless.

And it is the unknowability of feelings, the impossibility of sorting them out (although there are many attempts and they continue) that allows a person to remain so, to preserve his personality, soul (this is someone who interprets it for himself).

Systemically located Swarovski - this is actually what we can explain scientifically and logically, and this system arises from chaos - the central part - the author's glass cabochon, in which everything is completely spontaneous and cannot be analyzed, but is intended for contemplation, admiring and, why not and no, philosophical reflection.

Pendant diameter 8.5 cm, chain length 55 cm.

Beautiful pendant Mandala "Radiance of a Pure Mind" do not drop, wipe the crystals with a napkin for glass. Wear and attract admiring glances.