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organic calendula tea
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calendula tea
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organic calendula tea
calendula tea

Calendula tea-Digestive tea-Organic Herbal tea-Beauty tea

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  • Reduce skin damage, combat skin aging, and treat diaper rash
  • Calendula contains numerous compounds that may fight oxidative stress and inflammation in your body.
  • weight 1.8 oz (50 gram)
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Sun-dried calendula flowers

Calendula, a flowering plant also known as pot marigold, can be served as a tea or used as an ingredient in various herbal formulations

Despite its slightly bitter taste, calendula tea is a traditional remedy used in folk medicine because of its ascribed therapeutic properties.

Calendula contains numerous compounds that may fight oxidative stress and inflammation in your body. 

You can apply calendula to your skin in various forms to promote wound and ulcer healing. Calendula flowers help heal wounds, get rid of boils and teenage acne. Calendula is used to treat eczema, whiten the face, lightening freckles or age spots. Use the plant in the treatment of burns, cracks, abrasions, scratches, non-healing wounds and ulcers. Use "marigolds" in the form of ointments and emulsions in the treatment of bruises, gangrene, sycosis and skin problems.

Calendula’s antioxidants and SPF may reduce skin damage, combat skin aging, and treat diaper rash.

The benefits of calendula are so great that it is used in the treatment of fever, baldness and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It is used to treat mastitis, conjunctivitis and pustular diseases.

Calendula is known for expectorant, diuretic and diaphoretic actions.

Calendula’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties may aid oral health by combatting gingivitis and microbial growth. Calendula medicines are used as a bactericidal agent in the fight against staphylococci and streptococci, for gargling the throat in stomatitis, sore throat, pharyngitis and problems in the oral cavity.
In a culture with emerging digestive issues due to easy accessibility to processed foods, gut health is becoming exponentially important. Calendula Tea's most important benefit is it's potential to support a healthy digestive system. Similar to the way it heals external wounds, Calendula may also heal internal wounds like ulcers, IBS or heartburn. It's anti-inflammatory capabilities can soothe pain and irritation from the stomach lining while simultaneously repairing the gut wall. 


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