Party Soda Dispenser

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Party Soda Dispenser
Party Soda Dispenser
Party Soda Dispenser
Party Soda Dispenser
Party Soda Dispenser
Party Soda Dispenser
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  • Keeps your party soda drinks fresh & easily accessible
  • Turn the bottles upside down in the dispenser & that’s it
  • Anti-skid pad prevents dislocation
  • Easy-to-use tap design
  • Put it on counters or even in refrigerators
  • Durable plastic fabrication
  • Suitable for 1-2 liter soda bottles
  • Make serving easy and quick
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What party or family get together would be complete without  fresh, fizzy sodas? Introducing the new Party Soda Dispenser For Home. Everyone knows that sodas sometimes fall flat, but with our Party Soda Dispenser, there's no need to worry about stale, unpalatable soft drinks any longer. This dispenser keeps your sodas fresh and fizzy, longer!

To use, simply replace the cap of any 1 or 2-liter soda bottle with this cool device, then turn the bottle upside down and serve! Buy one (or more) now and you'll get to see this soda dispenser in action for yourself at your next party. Rest assured, your guests will totally LOVE the crisp taste of freshness!

No need to serve the cold drink bottles in cups yourself. It’s time-consuming and you miss the party fun. Let your guests help themselves with this gadget. 

  • Simple design & mechanism - Super Easy To Use

  • Not bulky or heavy - Bring it anywhere; picnics, parties, weddings, family reunions, wherever you need your carbonated beverages to stay fresh longer.

  • Replaces the cap to keep beverage sealed and fresh

  • No power or electricity needed - Uses gravity & the soda's own carbonation to dispense