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Pelvic Hip Trainer To Strengthen Weak Pelvic Muscle

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About this item
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  • Material: PU, Soft Rubber
  • Pelvic floor muscle trainer
  • Tone, shape, firm your buttocks and hips
  • Improve your urinary issues
  • Get a curvy figure and fuller booty
  • Result generating pelvic muscle exerciser
Item description from the seller
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Ah, them fuller hips, curvy back, firm buttocks, and toned inner thighs  – the dream of every woman.

Now is the time to turn your dream into reality and fulfill your eternal desire.

No, you don't have to buy expensive gym memberships.

Nope, you don't have to resign from your 9-5 job.

Nay Nay, you don't need to be starving yourself either.

What you only need to do is get this pelvic hip trainer.

It can help you tone, firm, and tighten your hips and buttock muscles to get the alluring curvy shape you always wanted to have. The targeted pelvic muscle hip trainer strengthens your pelvic muscle, tones your inner thighs, and shapes your buttocks, thus gradually improving your posture.

What you'll get:

  • Strengthen your glutes: An hourglass shape can be achieved if you work on contracting your pelvic muscle, flattening those fatty inner thighs, and shaping your extended butt. You can work on all those weak points with strong hip trainers like ours. It's perfect for result-generating hip trainer exercises like Kegels, deep squats, bird dog, etc.

  • Satisfying intimate relationship: A weak pelvic muscle might become a hindrance to letting you fully enjoy the lovely bond you have with your partner. So, investing in a hip and pelvic trainer is a must for curvy fit body and a healthy and sensual intimate relationship.

  • Bladder control: Get rid of all the traumatizing 'spill the pee' moments you face due to your inability to control 'the rush.’'

Pelvic Hip Trainer Benefits:

  • Get a healthy pelvis

  • Tone your inner thighs

  • Shape your buttocks

  • Give a fuller look to your hips

  • Improve your posture

  • Strengthen your pelvic muscle

  • Your road to an hourglass figure

  • Control of bladder and bowel movement (No urinary issue)

  • Comfortable and enjoyable intimate relationship

How do you use a pelvic trainer?

You can do basic, intermediate, or advanced training. However, start with once a day, doing 15 reps of muscle tightening for 5 seconds using our hips trainer. Then, gradually build your muscles for training up to 2-3 days for more time.

Basic Hip Training Exercise: Put the trainer in the centre of buttocks, hold the position, and inhale from the bottom of the abdomen for 5 minutes. Repeat 8-12 times to feel your muscles contracting and relaxing. (feel the closure of the wings)

Intermediate Hip Training Exercise: Take a kneeling position, put the trainer between the buttocks while stretching it upwards, inhale slowly for 5 minutes from the bottom of the abdomen, and repeat 8-12 times.

Advanced Hip Training Exercise: You can either lay on the back by placing it in the buttocks' centre and then following the basic training. Or, you can take the plank position and place the hip trainer machine on the inner side of your buttocks. Remember to stretch your hips and bend the knees a bit to feel the tension.