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Pendant - amulet "Sirin", 6cm. Jewelry from Siberia, Altai wood cedar

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Sweet-voiced Sirin is one of the three (Sirin, Phoenix, Alkonost) birds of Byzantine and Slavic legends. It is believed that his singing drives away all evil. In Rus', he was often called Bereginya and depicted above the entrance to the house or on the shutters. Sirina can be worn as a pendant, hung over the bed or taken with you on the road. Altai mountain cedar, from which the amulet is made, is known for its protective properties. On the Sirin, Ulzya's knot of happiness is depicted. The neck pendant with a pendant has a long leather cord 50 cm long. It can be considered as an original men's and women's accessory. The necklace is made of natural hypoallergenic materials and is completely safe for children. The costume jewelry is handmade by the Gorno-Altai workshop Kezer. This stylish accessory is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, mom, wife, girlfriend. Such an original gift can be made to your girlfriend, friend. Laconic and noble jewelry will be perfectly combined with clothes of various styles. It is a great addition to the style for teenagers - boys and girls, can be suitable for children, both for a girl and for a boy. The pendant is hung on a soft cord made of genuine leather.

Pendant material: wood


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Listed on 24 May, 2023