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Pocket Staff Magic Telescopic Stick | Elevated Staff Stick | Portable Expanding Metal Pop Out Wand

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About this item
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  • Premium stainless steel construction ensures a sturdy, durable magic wand for extended use.
  • Elastic spring design provides effortless extension, perfect for captivating stage performances.
  • Amaze your audience with mesmerizing tricks that leave them speechless and entertained.
  • Acquire self-defense skills while mastering the art of illusion – a double win.
  • Instant one-click extension for seamless, jaw-dropping transformations.
  • Unbelievable extendable range – grows from a compact 2 inches to an astounding 5 feet.
Item description from the seller
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Indulge in the spellbinding world of magic with this pocket staff magic telescopic stick – a superior-quality accessory crafted from robust stainless steel to ensure longevity and effortless performance.

This elevated staff stick features an elastic spring design that enables effortless extension, making it a perfect choice for captivating stage performances that leave your audience in awe. Impress your onlookers with mesmerizing tricks that showcase your mastery of the art of illusion while keeping them entertained.

With an instant one-click extension mechanism, experience seamless transformations that will leave your spectators speechless. This pocket staff magic telescopic stick features an unbelievable extendable range, growing from a compact 2 inches to an astounding 5 feet, ensuring that you can captivate your audience from anywhere.