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Polyester Fake SnowBalls For Throwing

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About this item
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  • Made of polyester
  • Washable fake indoor snowballs
  • Regains the shape if squished
  • Have a fun indoor snowball fight now
  • Creates no slush and is unharmful
  • 30 fake snowball pieces/pack
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The most awaiting thing about the cold season is the snowball fights. Literally, nothing beats the excitement of an outdoor snow fight. But if you ask all the mothers, they’ll be like, ‘ah, wet clothes? No thanks!’ And, the runny nose and cold shudders it gives little children are no fun at all.

Avoid all that hassle, peeps!

Get these fake snowballs for kids to let them have snow fights any time of the year indoors that too without creating any slush or hurting anyone.

Pro-Mom Tip: Bring the bag of 30 fake snowballs, make teams, and get ready for an unharmful battle fun.

What you’ll get:

  • Incredible fun with the snowballs: Make barracks for both the teams of your house and sound a hooter before engaging in the snowball battle. You can have points for each hit. One person of the family can be the monitoring officer, while others can be the soldiers.

  • Unharmful battle of snowballs: The fake snowballs for throwing are made from polyethylene which is soft and will create no harm. They are also washable. Upon squeezing, they regain their shape quickly. Each snowball measures about 7.5 cm in diameter.

  • Ideal sport for Christmas: It may be very cold outside at Christmas and your kids can fall sick so have them engage in a similar sort of snow fight indoor. Get these artificial snowballs in bulk and create the same aura and excitement as an outdoor snowball contest.

  • Cool ornaments: Fill your lounge with these decorative snowballs to get the Xmas and snow vibes any time of the year. Don’t worry, these faux snowballs won’t melt and will stay the same.

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Listed on 7 May, 2021