SALE! 3.4 oz Premium Quality Pure Natural Shilajit Resin Altai Gold Humic & Fulvic Acid Mumijo Mumiyo Mountains Siberia

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Why is Shilajit Altai Gold Your Best Choice?

  • 100% Authentic Altai Gold is authentic shilajit from well-known manufacturer. Harvesting takes place manually in Altai mountains at an altitude of 2800-3000m
  • High Quality Shilajit Altai Gold confirmed by tests Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS, there is a certificate of state registration and a certificate of conformity
  • Purification Technology Shilajit purification occurs at low temperatures that maximizes the retention of biological activity of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. You can be sure that you get the most nutrients
  • Quality & Safety Some resins on the market may contain toxic levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants. Shilajit Altai Gold is regularly laboratory tested and completely safe for consumption
  • Fresh Stock You are guaranteed to get the Shilajit of the freshest batches. No more than 2 months after production at the time of order
  • Directly from Altai Your order will be shipped directly from the Altai. This is the shortest path from the manufacturer to you, avoiding the long-term storage in warehouses. You are guaranteed to get a natural 100% pure Altai Shilajit 


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