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Rainbow Pop It Fidget Toy

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About this item
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  • Made of Silicone
  • Reusable mouse bubbles
  • Never-ending bubble popping fun
  • Anti-stress toy
  • Unbreakable
  • No loose parts
Item description from the seller
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Didn’t you just love popping the bubble wrap in your childhood?

Every one of us did. There was something so relaxing about it.

Sometimes, opening up a new TV or a ceramic pot was not done to be entertained by the actual item itself but to get the “kick” out of popping the bubble wrap the item came in.

But wasn’t it a heartbreaker when there were no more mouse bubbles to pop?

It’s time to revolutionize & “reusable-nize” the primitive bubble wrap popping fun – introducing the anti-stress Pop It Rainbow Fidget Toy.

It is a silicone pad, with enough reusable mouse bubbles to make your stress fly away. Keep pressing them from one direction or the other until your mind and soul reaches the relaxation point.

What you’ll get:

  • Reusable silicone mouse bubbles: Press the mouse bubbles from one side, then flip the toy over and pop again. It’s a never-ending soothing fidget pad for you. Use it at your workplace when you are up against a heap of files or at home when you have to prepare for an emergency party. The slight popping sound and the pressing finger movements are enough to soothe you.

  •  Anti-stressing toy: It is great for work or home-related stress. Also works wonders for kids with ADHD. You can also use it as a game where each player can press one or two bubbles at one time. The one who completes the most lines first would win. Play with it while you are working on your laptop, knitting a sweater for your kid or grandkid or watching your dear episode of “The Crown.”

  • Unbreakable built: The rainbow pop it fidget toy is made of silicone which can be bent, pulled, twisted and pushed but it won’t deform or tear.

  • No loose or noise-making parts: Unlike plastic fidget toys with buttons and rollers, this one has no excess noise-making or loose parts. You can play with it on the plane, in the car or at a restaurant.