Reusable Grocery Trolley Bags

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Reusable Grocery Trolley Bags
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  • Made with eco-friendly recycled plush supplies
  • Comes with a handle to easily grip up to 40 lbs
  • Front pocket to hold grocery list or coupons
  • Easy to store in cupboards and reuse until endless time
  • Foldable bags; suitable to fit in trollies, trunks & cabinets
  • Detachable and poles are removable

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Shopping is fun and important but using plastic bags isn’t. Now is the time to play your part in saving the environment. How? By going for grocery shopping! Didn’t understand?

Get these magic reusable grocery trolley bags (set of four bags) and become the unannounced environment savior.

You might be wondering what makes these trolley bags for grocery Magic? Well, they're specially designed with strong handles on both ends, so that they fit easily onto any shopping cart! They're made of eco-friendly recycled materials and are Extra Soft, yet the grocery trolley bags are durable enough to hold up to 40 lbs!

What you’ll get:

  • Convenient front pocket: These reusable bags are better than any ordinary paper bags and the Magic Bags also come with a convenient front pocket, making it easy to store coupons, your wallet and even your phone! 

  • Organize the grocery: Spread them conveniently in the shopping cart, place your vegetables in one, intimates in the second, packed food in the third and toiletries in the fourth one. Hassle-free and time-saving. 

  • Easy storage: When not in use, these reusable trolley bags for grocery can be folded flat, for easy storage, while you wait for your next day of shopping!

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