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Rhodiola Quadrifida Cut & Sifted Tea by Evalar Altai Siberian Relict Herb 30g

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    • Ingredient: 100% Rhodiola Quadrifida from Siberian Altai Mountains, nothing added
    • Herb directly from Altai, Siberia, by Evalar, 30 grams
    • Does not contain GMO, No Gluten, No Sugar, Herbal, Vegan, Pure and Clean

    Herbal tea mix from Evalar, made in Siberia, Altai region from Siberian herb, such as Rhodiola Quadrifida, 30 grams cut & sifter, 1 tea spoon (2.5 g) for one 200ml cup. Pour hot water over your tea bag. Ready in 5-10 min

    100% natural composition. Herbal ingredients are collected in the Altai or grown on Evalar’s own plantations in the ecologically pristine foothills of Altai without using any chemicals or pesticides

    Excellent microbiological purity of teas is ensured with a gentle method of instant steam treatment using high-tech French equipment

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Listed on 30 October, 2023