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Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie

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About this item
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  • Natural-looking scrunchie to add beauty
  • Made of synthetic hair fibers which are soft and shiny
  • Easy and quick updo
  • Wrap it around your bun effortlessly
  • Great for short hair and thinning hair
  • Perfect for weddings, parties & dinner receptions
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You love the curly messy hair rolled up in a bun, and think it looks amazing on anyone who wears it, but loving that look and actually creating it for yourself, are two different things. Well, that's about to change! 

Now, you can create the perfect messy bun in seconds, with our Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie. You get easy curly bun hairstyles within seconds literally, by simply wrapping the hair scrunchie around your own hair. The synthetic fibers blend perfectly with your real hair giving you an amazingly thick, and luxurious looking messy bun.

4 Good Reasons To Get Your Own Human Hair Messy Bun Scrunchie!

  1. You want a thicker volume of hair fibers and fuller ponytail or bun, that prevents your hair from loosening and falling out of the elastic during the course of the day.
  2. You want an easy way to save time and money, and by creating your own professional updo at home, you won't need to make any more expensive trips to the hair salon.
  3. Perfectly suitable for any age, the hair scrunchie bun is extremely easy to use, it will make it look like you have a lot more hair curled up. Make different bun hairstyles and rock your favorite celebrity bun look with it.
  4. These hair scrunchies are comfortable, completely natural in appearance, and made of high-quality, synthetic hair fibers. They're glossy, soft and comfortable and they look just like real human hair.

How-To Use The Messy Bun Scrunchie:

Using an elastic band, pull your hair up into a bun. If you have long hair, you can secure your bun with hairpins.

Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can wrap your Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie around your bun 2 or 3 times, just as you would an elastic band. It is great for short hair and women with thin hair.

Care Instructions:


  • Wash your Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie in cold water only. Hot water is not recommended, as it will damage the synthetic hair fibers, compromising the style and structure of your scrunchie.

  • Handwash gently using a bit of mild shampoo.

  • Working from top to bottom, rinse the shampoo from scrunchie thoroughly using clean water.

  • Let your scrunchie air dry, without twisting, wringing or squeezing.

  • Once it's dried completely, you can gently brush and style your scrunchie for a quick updo. 

  • Just as every head of hair is unique, the Rose Hair Scrunchie Bun is available in a large variety of shades, so it's easy to find just the right color to match your hair perfectly!

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Judy Pugliaflag imageVerified Purchase
Great hair piece!!!
Susan. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
Perfect color match (gray is not easy to match)! Perfect volume, and it’s real...and you can tell the difference too!
Donna. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
Perfect color, very soft!
Lori. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
Very pleased and will buy again if needed. Thank you!
Emma. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
Perfect color, soft hair!
Kenneth. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
This product was my wifes purchase. She was very satisfied with it
Eileen. G.flag imageVerified Purchase
It’s a good product, just a bit darker than my own hair, but my husband seems to think it looks ok, so if he’s pleased then I’m pleased.
Teri. W.flag imageVerified Purchase
Very realistic. Color looks great. Perfect. It makes a quick hairstyle.
Pamela. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
The color (light blonde) was a good match for my hair. Looks real. Also the hair piece/scrunchie is tight enough that you don't need to wrap it again once on. A long hair pin does help though.
Vickie. R.flag imageVerified Purchase
It's okay
Listed on 16 October, 2019