Sisal Hemp Bar Soap Saver Bag

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  • Cute soap saving bags
  • Prevents soap leakage
  • Produces thick soap foam
  • No fear of falling or breaking
  • 4 pcs in each pack
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An average American spent $87 annually on soaps in 2019, according to Statista. This can decrease dramatically if you are smart. Simply start packing your soap bars in these sisal hemp soap saver bags and enjoy an enhanced soap life, that too with a foamy wash. The fibers of the bag create foam from the soap which helps with cleaning but it doesn’t allow any excess soap to seep through which saves it from going into the drain.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy soap-saving operation: No mechanical devices or buttons involved. Put the soap in the pouch, tighten the drawstrings and you have embarked on the soap-saving journey just like that. The fibers of the pouch preserve the soap by preventing leakage.

  • A thick foamy slurry: When you rub it in your hands, thick foam is produced that better exfoliates the skin and eradicates bacteria.

 Easy storage: No need for ceramic soap dishes now. Simply hang the bar soap saver bag with the sink faucet or shower tap. No danger of breakage or cracking as well.