Snowflakes Cutter and Stamp

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  • Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Hold, stamp, and release
  • Snowflakes cutter and plunger
  • Make perfectly edged sugar cookies
  • Small, medium, and large-sized cutters
  • Cut out pattern for edibles and non-edibles
  • 1 package: 3 snowflake molds
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The ring of jingle bells, the joy of gifts, delicious aroma of sweets, and everything red and white – ah, the perks of a Christmas night.

Cute kids, mature adults, and wise oldies all wait for the blessed holiday season all year to enjoy festive meals and spend some quality time with loved ones.

Now, you don't have to wait for a whole year just to cherish those lovely times because this fondant snowflakes cutter stamp will let you revive all your sweet memories whenever you want.

Cut the fondant, make perfect Christmas snowflake cookies, try unique cake decorating, or stamp the icing on your favorite cupcakes.

The choices are endless!

What you'll get:

  • Beautify your festive meal: It comes in mini, small, and large-sized cutter set to help you decorate the cake with cute and different icings as if it is literally snowing (of sweets :p).

  • Happy kids: You can also use the snowflakes cookie cutter to prepare biscuits. Simply stamp it on the mold and pop the shapes into the oven. Then, add colorful icing to them to turn into kid's favorite candies.

  • Easy operation: Put the mold on the dough, plunge the embosser on it, and press to release the prepared fondant, cookie dough, or snowflakes.

  • Play a family game: Invite all your family, make teams, and name the fun competition as “everything is fair in love, war, and baking.” surely, you’ll be seeing enough weird, wicked, and creepy cookie decorating ideas that will remain in your memories for a long time. :p

  • Beautiful craft ideas: Our snowflake cutters are not confined to kitchen purposes only. You can use these for cutting pattern printables of clays, marzipan, or gum paste.