Soothing Hot & Cold Gel Beaded Eye Mask

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  • Material: PVC + Gel + Flannel
  • Soothes red puffy eyes
  • Adjustable sticker; one size fits all
  • Heat in the microwave for hot therapy
  • Freeze in the refrigerator for cold therapy
  • Skin-friendly and non-irritating material
  • Relief from eye fatigue, headache, migraine
  • A must-have hot & cold bead gel mask for office, home, travel
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“Ah, this headache is killing me!”

Complaining after a hectic day, you crashed into the warmth of your comfy sofa, wanting to snuggle and fall into the depth of peaceful slumber.

Feeling lightheaded, you put on your comfy cotton sleepwear and decided to call it a day.

All set for beauty sleep? Nah Nah. You wish it was that easy!

The pounding head, red puffy eyes, and uncomfy throbbing sensations are making it uneasy for you to rest. And, even after tossing and turning around for an hour, you still couldn’t sleep.

Why? Because you don’t have the right sleeping accessory. Nope, not the usual sleeping masks but something that can soothe your eyes and add a cooling sensation to your heated head.

Wondering what could that be? A gel beaded eye mask! And, why must you have it? You are about to know.

What you’ll get:

  • Relief from headaches: Our cooling bead eye mask has a polymer gel filling that can give an instant cooling sensation to a throbbing head upon refrigerating for a few minutes. So, when you feel your migraine coming through, use it to calm the pain.

  • Soothes puffy eyes: It can help you lessen the morning puffiness, relieve the painful red eyes, and reduce the eye strain from watching screens all day. This cold compress is the perfect thing for dry eyes!

  • Hot cold therapy: The flexible beads have good temperature storage. Moreover, the hot and cold effect can be extended by heating in the microwave or cooling in the refrigerator.

  •  Must-have sleeping accessory: The beaded gel eye mask blocks out irritating light when relaxing between the work schedule. It can also be used while traveling around to get the similar comfort of your home space.