Spiky Ball Massage Roller for Body

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  • Ideal stress reliever
  • No extraneous odor
  • Works on trigger points
  • Spiky foot massage ball
  • Edges are moderately hard
  • Portable and travel-friendly size
  • Ideal massager for sore muscles
  • Thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents
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Have you ever felt your body being pressured from all the tension and problems that it starts to hurt physically?

Working in the office

Taking classes at school

Making a project at home

Binge-watching seasons

Or simply doing nothing laying down, and you just feel it like that. A sudden muscle tension as if your body is being pinched. Neither you can carry a large massager tool everywhere, nor can you afford a relaxing spa every day. Then, what can you do to cope with that muscle tightness and constant 'ping' feeling?

Get this sensory spiky ball massage roller! A slight massage can get rid of the muscle tension in a few minutes, no matter wherever you are.

What you'll get:

  • Reflexology balls: Spiky toy ball targets the affected area's trigger points and deep tissues to help reduce muscle pain.

  • Relaxing physiotherapy: Whether you have fatigue in your neck muscles, feel tight around your calf, or have a pinching feeling in your back, this spikey ball will work as a tissue massage roller to ease your discomfort.

  • Soothe your older parent's sore muscles: Old age has several health problems like plantar fasciitis, painful muscles, body fatigue, etc. Get this spiky rubber ball to help them relax the tight knots and tensed tissues with minimal to no effort.

How to use a spiky massage ball?

These are quite easy to use, and you won't be needing any help to get the maximum benefit out of them.

  1. Place the spiky ball roller on the floor and move your feet forward and backward over it to trigger the pressure points.

  2. Put the spiky fidget ball on the floor or wall and slightly roll your body over it to soothe your aching back.

  3. Move it anywhere on your body, like arms, neck, legs, where your muscles feel tense.