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Stacking & Nesting Cups Toy For Toddlers

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About this item
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  • Made of BPA-free ABS
  • 8 cups in total
  • Smooth edges
  • Stack, nest, arrange or balance
  • Enhances cognitive & motor skills of the kids
  • Keeps them busy
  • Takes minimum storage space
  • Minimizes the chances of cognitive impairment
Item description from the seller
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Did you know that every 12 out of 1000 kids are faced with cognitive impairment of some level?

They face difficulty in sorting things, categorizing items, analyzing situations, speaking accurately, etc. Would you want your kid to be amongst those 12? Oh, no, simply no.

Among other activities that you can immerse your toddlers in, this game of stacking and nesting cups toy will be a great hand in sharpening their cognitive skills.

It’s absolutely stunning to see how such simple-looking cups can yield so many uses altogether – your little angels can stack them using their tiny, soft, cute hands, put small items in them according to their respective colors, fill them up with water and play gleefully in their bubbly, warm bathtubs and so much more.

It’s a global favorite of mothers; why should you stay behind?

What you’ll get:

  • Great way of sharpening the cognitive skills: Arranging, building and organizing these cups will stir the brain nerve cells of your little kid and he/she will react to the situations in a better way. When he/she is not able to stack the cups properly or nest them in the correct order, their brain will work to direct them on how to do it correctly. All these movements will also enhance their motor & balancing skills.
  • A great learning toy: There are many other ways of utilizing these nesting cups toy. You can use it to teach color sorting to your young kids. Have small items of different colors in front of them and ask them to put each item into the correct colored cup. You can teach them how to spin these cups on the floor. They can play with them while having their bath. Also, you can make them learn different words like “tall” for a fully stacked cup tower, “small” for a partially stacked one, “fall” when you knock the tower down and many more.
  • Kid-safe material with no chances of accidents: The cups are made of BPA-free plastic with smooth edges to protect the hands of your baby. No cuts, no pain, but a lot of gain.
  • Take minimum space: The nesting cups can be slid into one another which allows them to take extremely less space as compared to all other toys your kids have in their toy closet.