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Strainer Clip Anti-Spill Colander

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About this item

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  • Hands-free, flexible & high-quality
  • Fits on all pots, pans & bowls
  • Material: High-quality silicone
  • Durable, Heat-resistant, BPA free
  • Size: Small & compact
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors: green, red, black & purple
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One of the most common complaints about clip-on strainers is that they aren't flexible enough to fit on different sized pots, pans and bowls, but with our high-quality Strainer Clip Anti-Spill Colander, that problem has been eliminated altogether! This ingenious, clip-on colander is flexible enough to provide a universal fit on all pots, pans and bowls! 

Its hands-free, heat resistant, silicone design completely eliminates the risk of burns that can occur when handling bulky, conventional strainers.


  • Flexible design to provide a universal fit on all pots, pans and bowls
  • Small and compact- Only one-quarter the size of a traditional strainer, it's perfect for kitchens with limited storage space.
  • Clip-on design means hands free straining! Now, you can use both hands to grip and stabilize the pot.
  • BPA Free Silicone is Dishwasher Safe
  • Snaps on neatly and easily with two strong grip clips
  • Durable strainer will last for years!
  • Strain pasta, vegetables, even heavy potatoes and more!

Colander available in Purple, Green, Red and Black

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Linda. Z.flag imageVerified Purchase
Love it! This takes up so much less room in my dishwasher. Easy to use, easy to store. This is good for smaller to medium amounts of food. Going to be buying for family members!
Hannah. F.flag imageVerified Purchase
This strainer is incredible! It is SO easy to use, so easy to clean, and honestly does the job perfectly. I was scared to use it the first time, however, went full force to be as rough as I could be. It held up perfectly. It is compact and fits in most small spaces. I highly recommend.
Laura. T.flag imageVerified Purchase
I purchased this as a gift, which I have not given yet, so I cannot speak on how well it works, but I received the shipment on time and have had no concerns/issues with the buying experience.
Alisa. D.flag imageVerified Purchase
Best strainer i have ever bought!
Sharon. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
I love love love this product! I hate washing and storing big bulky strainers and this is a great solution! It clips on the pot by 2 clips on each side and doesn't slide around or anything. It's flexible so that it can be used on different sized pots and so easy to clean. It's a life saver and I'll definitely be buying more to gift to friends and family!
Araseli. Y.flag imageVerified Purchase
Easy to clip on and easy to drain pot
Keith. G.flag imageVerified Purchase
Flexible, and will fit a variety of pot sizes.
Youssef. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
Thank you for your service. I didn’t have to move. Il received the package at home. I appreciate it. Everything had been conform to my order.
Terrayna. D.flag imageVerified Purchase
So far it works on most of my pots except my little is just to big... but that is totally okay. I highly recommend this to anyone.
Elli. F.flag imageVerified Purchase
I just love this clip on strainer. No more mess and I now can hold the pot with two hands and the strainer does a wonderful job. Easier for people with arthritis. Thank you for this produce and your excellent fast service. Elli
Listed on 17 October, 2018