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Strappy Racerback Sport Bra

byCheeky Sparkle
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About this item
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  • Material: Spandex
  • Perfectly fits the chest
  • Hollow-out back for an attractive look
  • Detachable breasts pad
  • Ultra-soft & breathable material
  • Perfect for tennis, running, yoga, etc
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Having your breasts move up and down while exercising or playing sports is embarrassing. It makes people notice you and won’t let you focus on your activity, leading to poor performance

So getting this matter resolved immediately must be your top priority.

And this Strappy Racerback Sport Bra will work wonders.

It keeps your breasts fixed in place to help you freely do any physical activity. In addition, its breathable material prevents sweating and keeps you from feeling discomfort.

What you’ll get:

  • Play with confidence: The exquisite craftsmanship of this bra ensures you to wear it for sports or exercise and move freely without any hassle.
  • Removable breasts pad: This bra is equipped with detachable pads. They shape up your boobs and hold them in place. You can remove pads if you want to wear the bra without them.
  • Stay attractive & sexy: The back of this bandeau has a vivid hollow back, making you look attractive. So wear it whenever you desire to look appealing and engaging.
  • Soft & breathable: Refined spandex is used to craft this sports bra. It doesn't irritate your skin while you're wearing it and keeps you comfy at all times.
  • Versatile occasions: This strappy racerback sport bra provides full support for exercise, jumping, running, boxing, biking, tennis, and any other high-impact workout.
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Adley Adleyflag imageVerified Purchase
Super cute and comfy! The quality is outstanding! This definitely is supportive enough for any exercise from HIIT to yoga or pilates. I would absolutely recommend this one!
Carolina Carolinaflag imageVerified Purchase
After my hunt for a good sports bra, I finally found this one. It fits just the way I like it. it’s nice and soft too.

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Listed on 7 May, 2022