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Stress Buster PU Mini Desktop Punching Bag For Office & Home

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About this item

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  • Inflatable bag with strong spring and suction pad
  • Portable stress reliever
  • Attach in a horizontal, inverted, or upright position
  • Air pump included
  • Suitable for offices and homes alike
  • Height: 36 cm approx.
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You don’t need to go to an opera or watch a movie to bust the stress at work now. 

Or scamper to the conference room and bang the table. 

Because the legendary Desktop Punching Bag is here. It blows off steam when you are fed up with heightening files at your desk or consistent PowerPoint presentations. Simply attach the suction cup where there is ample space for you to punch it and have a go at it whenever your mind is boiling with anxiety, stress or anger in Rocky’s style.

What you’ll get:

  • A portable way to escape stress: Meetings, deadlines, presentations, office politics and fear of failure – all these contribute to work stress and anger. According to, about 80% of American workers feel stress at work. This stress buster desktop punching bag is no less than a life savior if you are an office worker, a house mom or a freelancer. Hit it as hard as you can and return to a normal state without shouting or snarling.
  •  Highly durable built: The product includes an ultra-strong suction cup, an extension spring, and a red PU punching bag which is inflated via an included air pump. Whenever you feel it is not entirely inflated, pump in the air using the pump. The bag can take as many hits as you can launch at it while the spring keeps coming back after each hit, it never gets tired. Fight with it until you become calm.
  • 3 placement options: You can place this boxing bag in an upright position, in a horizontal position with the wall, or in an inverted position on the ceiling. It will stay put on the surface.
  • Suitable for both work and home environments: Not only meant for offices but for homes as well. People with home-based businesses, stay-at-home moms, or freelancers can benefit from this desktop punching bag the most.
  • A great gift for your colleagues: Gift this brilliant product to your colleagues at the white elephant gift exchange or give it to a stressful friend you know.