Super Absorbent Dog Towel For Quick Drying

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  • Made of chenille fiber
  • Dries your dog coat quickly
  • Prevent them from catching a cold
  • Dual hand grips for better grip
  • Minimizes wet doggy smell
  • Essential dog grooming product

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Bathing your dog is a huge task in itself, let alone preventing him from escaping while drying his fur.

And when they manage to loosen your grip on them, they run away, wetting the entire room or lounge. Not to mention the dog smell that quickly generates as a result.

It’s all preventable with this super absorbent dog towel. Made with chenille fiber which has great water-absorbing capacity, your dog will not run away from you because it’s so soft and quick-drying.

No wet dogs, no moist smells in the house, happy pets – what else do you need!

What you’ll get:

  • Quick dog drying: Thanks to the super absorbent chenille fibers, this dog drying coat will quickly suck all the water from the fur and coat of your pet. Pat the body with it first by putting your hands in the built hand grips, and then rub it against his body for maximum effect.

  • Comfortable for your dog: The raised nodes are extremely soft and will not cause your dog any discomfort. We all know how hard it is to bathe some of the dogs; drying them with stiff towels will be an additional problem. This silky towel will calm them up after bathing in the shower or pool.

  • No dog smell in the house: Wet coats and fur can give off an unpleasant odor in your home. This drying dog makes sure that there’re no more wet dogs roaming around, preventing any odor from developing.

* It’s equally suitable for cats.

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Listed on 13 January, 2022