Syringe reusable device for injection 3 ml, 5 ml

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  • Modern and convenient device for automatic intramuscular injections. It does not require professional skills and makes it possible to independently inject yourself and your loved ones. The syringe gun guarantees the professional insertion of the syringe needle, eliminates nervous experiences and possible mistakes. With the help of the Dynamics injector, the needles of the syringe enter 2/3 of their length. For this purpose there are inserts for 5 and 3 ml syringes; The lodgement is made longer so that the syringe does not hang out. The shutter has a protrusion for fixing the syringe, the sliders are made on both sides; The shape of the trigger and handle is made according to ergonomics. **Characteristics:** **Allows you to do intramuscular injections yourself at home.** **Does not require professional skills.** **Ensures the correct injection.** **Relieves pain and discomfort.** ** The volume of the syringe is 3 and 5 ml.**.
  • Technical features
    Product material plastic
    Additional Information
    Product weight with packaging (g) 63 g
    Package height 17 cm
    Packing depth 3 cm
    Packing width 13 cm
    Country of origin Russia

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