Trampoline Sprinkler Attachment System - Fun Heat Buster Water Game For Kids

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  • Generates multiple streams of water
  • Available in various sizes
  • PCM cable ties x 45
  • Water sprinkler for trampoline
  • Open/close valve
  • Multi-functional and easy to install
  • Perfect for outdoor summer activities
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Are you concerned that your children may become couch potatoes as they spend more time indoors with their electronic devices? At the same time, you don't want kids to engage in outside activities in the sweltering summer heat.

We have the ideal solution to this seemingly hopeless scenario.

The perfect heat buster; trampoline Sprinkler System!

Trampolines are wonderful until the sun's scorching heat turns them into frying pans. But there's no need to be concerned when you can utilize this water sprinkler to extend your child's trampoline use throughout the summer.

You can manage it with the valve at the end of the sprinkler line, so there's no need to switch on and off the water source frequently. It makes the action more pleasurable and less exhausting.

Our best trampoline sprinkler is ideal for creating your own backyard water park for kid’s outdoor play.

What you'll get:

  • Heat buster: Traditional trampolines are entertaining, but they have one major con: their black surface makes them extremely hot in the summer. This sprinkler comes to your rescue, making it a pleasant and enjoyable summer sport. 

  • Fun physical activity: With this fascinating trampoline water sprinkler, you can keep your kids from being addicted to indoor games and encourage them to be more outgoing and physically active. Let go of all the sun's heat and enjoy the water droplets.

  • Multi-functional: There are many uses of this water sprinkler for trampoline.  Add it to the backyard deck to make your summer evenings fresher. Swimming pools, patios, and house lawns are ideal places to install this water attachment for trampoline.

  • Children-friendly: Made with environment-friendly material, the safety of children is ensured while making the hose sprinkler. 

How to attach trampoline water sprinkler

The instructions on how to install the trampoline sprayer are pretty simple. 

The water hose goes on top and all around the trampoline. Secure it in place with the help of cable ties that come in the package. Next, connect the sprinkler hose with your garden hose and turn the tap on. There you go on the road of endless water and outdoor fun.