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Waterproof Disposable Baby Bibs in Bulk

byPlayful Picks
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About this item

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  • Material: Cotton Blend
  • Waterproof food bibs
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Skin-friendly baby boy and girl bibs
  • Suitable for a toddler above 4 months
  • Package includes 20 pcs
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Item description from the seller

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Feeding toddlers is a challenging task. They tend to be fussy and moody every time you try to make them eat something.

Sad news, that's not even half of it. Half of the meal goes everywhere but in their mouth! And, there goes the time and effort you just put into bathing and clothing them. But, but, but!

You still prefer cleaning up the mess to re-doing the bathing and dressing process. We can't agree more. It requires double the work when you have to do it again.

What if you don't have to do it anymore?

Yep, our leak proof disposable baby bibs will save your baby's clothes from getting ruined due to all the spilling.  

What you'll get:

  • Must-have baby essential: Save your little toddler from the messy clothes, spilled food, and mushy feeling with our apron bib. Your baby boy or baby girl won't be uncomfortable while you try to fill his tummy with a healthy meal.

  • Travel-friendly: It is portable and disposable, so you can use it wherever you are. Just put the feeding bib on the toddler's neck and secure the hold with the sticker.

  • Cute printed design: This white food bibs and burp clothes set have a sleek minimalistic animal pattern that won't be irritable to your baby's eyes.

  • Thoughtful gifts: If you are going to a baby shower or thinking of visiting a friend who just gave birth to her newborn, add these burping bibs for eating to the present basket.

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Alice Aliceflag imageVerified Purchase
If you are bottle feeding a newborn, these are a MUST HAVE. It keeps the milk from dripping onto their neck and getting caught around their neck or tucked away in the skin. I know that sounds terrible but feeding a newborn every 2 hours can get messy! I've bought several packs!
Gabriella Gabriellaflag imageVerified Purchase
We love this bib! My baby spits up a lot!! & her clothes stay dry with this bib!! Best purchase ever!
Listed on 14 September, 2021