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Wood Wall Map, Modern Home Decor, Framed Wall Decor, Travel World Map on Board, Living Room Decor by Enjoy The Wood

byEnjoy The Wood
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About this item
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  • Sizes: M - 57,5x83,4 cm (22,6x32,8 inches)L - 97140 cm (38x55 inches)
  • comes ready-to-gift
  • installation fun and easy
  • corner stencils are included
  • wooden airplanes, boats, and a compass are included in the package.
  • the Map comes with detailed installation instructions.
  • The special double-sided tape we use is strong enough to hold the Map pieces on the wall (but dont stick to wallpaper).
  • the Map on the board is already installed: you can hang it in just a couple of minutes!
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When chosen wisely, home wall décor creates a pleasant sensation. There’s something unique and exceptionally beautiful in hanging a pinboard world map on a drab and empty wall to see the whole world come alive in an attractive piece of décor.

The best thing about our wood panel world map is that it provides for the entire room. Adding touches of some stunning views of far-and-away lands can make the dullest wall both alive and fresh.

Our wall art quickly fulfills the role of a stylish focal point that every room requires. It immediately pulls the eyes into the area whether you gloriously mount it above the bed or a fireplace.

Once you hang it on the wall, feel free to use the woodwork as the inspiration for the final color palette of your place.

The assembling process is quite fast. The item comes with an assembling kit (screws, dowels, etc.) and an instruction to help you.

📍handmade of birch plywood.
📍shades: may differ from the pictures because of natural wood features
📍default language: English
📍thickness: 6-12 mm (0.23''- 0.47'')
📍the map can be removed from the wall. Message to us for instructions.
📍due to the size, some countries and islands are omitted on the map, so it is not geographical.

Countries + Capitals (only for sizes L) + States of the USA, Canada, Australia + “Antarctica” piece

📍Map on Board:
M - 57,5x83,4 cm (22,6x32,8 inches)
L - 97х140 cm (38x55 inches)

Installation video:


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Listed on 9 March, 2023