Foot Scrubber

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Get those clean-looking feet like the actors with our shower foot scrubbers. Your feet get dirty, blackened and dried because of sweat, sebum and dust. Sometimes, they develop callus too, which is quite unappealing to the eye. And cleansing your feet with handheld scrubbers is not the best option because you have to bend and then rub. Neither are the pumice stones because they are quite harsh.

So, shop for these shower foot scrubbers that’ll do the magic while you keep standing in your bathroom. These include sandals, floor mats and wall suction mats. They have bristles that are extremely effective for dead skin and blackheads. They provide a relaxing massage as well.

Pour a bit of shampoo, body wash or liquid soap on the scrubber brush and rub your feet against the bristles. Not only do they exfoliate your skin but brush away dirt and dead skin as well. These skin protection products are multipurpose since you can use them for your back as well.

We have suction, wooden and electric options available for you. Get clean feet and feel completely fresh after taking a bath now.