Buyer Policy

Inspire Uplift is a venue where you can purchase unique and innovative products straight from the seller while sitting around the globe. We want you to have a positive shopping experience no matter what you are buying from Inspire Uplift. Please read on to know your rights as a buyer and your responsibilities while using Inspire Uplift Services.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using Inspire Uplift Services, you agree to this policy along with our Terms of Use.

  • Understanding Inspire Uplift’s Limitations as a Venue
  • Communicating with Other Inspire Uplift Members
  • Purchasing an Item on Inspire Uplift
  • Creating and Uploading Content
  • Reporting a Problem with an Order or Returning an Item
  • Understanding Inspire Uplift’s Limitations as a Venue

    Inspire Uplift is a marketplace for buyers to find and buy innovative and creative products from sellers. It is essential to know that Inspire Uplift is not part of this transaction. By shopping on Inspire Uplift, you understand that:

    • You are not directly buying a product from Inspire Uplift but from an independent seller on Inspire Uplift.
    • Inspire Uplift does not pre-screen the seller, so it can not endorse the content (images and description) or products posted by the seller on Inspire Uplift.
    • Each seller has its own processing time, delivery methods, and store policies.

    As a buyer, you can flag a product if it violates any Inspire Uplift’s Policy. Flagging is kept confidential.

  • Communicating with Other Inspire Uplift Members


    If you want to communicate with the seller directly, you can use Inspire Uplift’s Messenger. It is an excellent way to ask your queries about your order from the seller. Don’t use Messenger for the following activities.

    • Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, asking for money in the form of donations.
    • Participating in discriminatory actions, harassing or abusing someone.Violating anti-discrimination policy.
    • Contacting someone when they have asked you not to.
    • Interfering with another member’s business or transactional activity


    Interference is mingling in another member’s store order or work chores with the intention of affecting it negatively. Interference in someone else’s business is strictly prohibited at Inspire Uplift. Examples of interference include:

    • Warning Inspire Uplift member to stay away from a specific member, store, or product.
    • Posting on public spaces about disputes with other members.
    • Buying product from a seller only to post a bad review.


    Using Inspire Uplift messenger to harass another member or user is strictly prohibited. Also, the Messenger should not be used to support any hatred or actions that violate Inspire Uplift’s Anti-discrimination policy. If you receive any message that is against this policy, please let us know immediately.

  • Purchasing an item on Inspire Uplift

    When you purchase a product from a store on Inspire Uplift, you are supporting an individual business owner who has its own unique and innovative products to sell at our marketplace, has its own product listings, policies, payment details, and processing schedules. By making a purchase from one such seller, you agree to:

    • Read all the product details and store policies before buying the product.
    • Submitting appropriate payment for items bought.
    • Providing the right delivery address and contact information to the seller.

    You also agree to our Inspire Uplift Payment Policy when you use Inspire Uplift Payments. When you redeem Inspire Uplift Coupons, Gift Cards, or Credit, you accept Inspire Uplift Gift Card, Credits & Coupons Policy.

  • Creating and Uploading Content

    As a member of Inspire Uplift, you will be posting a lot of different content, including images, videos, and product description content. It is important to keep the sanctity of the marketplace intact by ensuring that the content you upload is not:

    • Abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, or in any way in violation of Anti-Discriminatory Policy;
    • Obscene or Vulgar;
    • Violates Privacy of another person or Intellectual Property Rights;
    • False or misleading in any way.
  • Reporting a Problem with an order or Returning an Item

    Inspire Uplift’s Case System

    Even though Inspire Uplift is not directly involved with any of the sale or purchasing of products between the seller and the buyer, we still provide a case system in the unfortunate events of you, as a buyer, not receiving the product as expected. By using Inspire Uplift Case System, you agree to provide your personal information necessary to resolve the dispute. Inspire Uplift Case System can be used to find a resolution in the event where the product was not delivered to you or is not as what was described in the product description. If you want a refund, please remember that Inspire Uplift only allows refunds on-platform and that too, only for a period of 180 days after the transaction was made. If you want an off-platform solution, you can contact the seller directly. Inspire Uplift issues refund in the original form of payment; if not, then it will be issued in terms of Inspire Uplift Store Credit.


    A non-delivery is when a buyer placed an order but did not receive the product even after going through all the purchasing processes. This case occurs in situations when:

    • A product is delivered to the wrong address, which was not on the Inspire Uplift receipt in the first place.
    • The proof of dispatching a product to a buyer does not exist.

    Not as Described

    A product is not as described if the buyer can show through pictures and other means that the product is not what the seller described it to be in the product’s description and photos. A few examples of such cases are:

    • The product is a different color, size, model, or version.
    • The material or design of the product is different.
    • The seller did not tell that the product is missing some part or is damaged in some way.
    • The quantity of items received is different from what was in the description of the product. For example, a set of 6 spoons was ordered, but the buyer received only 5.
    • The product was shown to be authentic, but it was a copy or a replica of the original.
    • The condition of the product is wrongly mentioned. For example, the product is listed as new, but it is used or second-hand.

    Not-as-described cases can also be filed for a product with late delivery. This can be a case in a situation where the product was ordered for a specific date, e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving, but the seller was unable to deliver at the agreed-upon date. Since the products are of no use after the date, the product is considered to be late delivered.

    If Inspire Uplift determines that the product delivered is not what was described in the product listing, the seller is required to pay a refund to the buyer, including the original and return postage. If Inspire Uplift has to refund the return postage cost on behalf of the seller, then it may come in your Inspire Uplift Payment Account in the form of Inspire Uplift Credit.

    Ineligible Transactions

    Some disputes and transactions are ineligible for the Case System for example:

    • If an item was properly packaged by the seller but the delivery carrier damaged it in some way.
    • If a product was altered, used, washed, or worn after receipt.
    • Items that were delivered after the decided delivery date because of the delays from the delivery carrier.
    • Products that are returned without any return agreement.
    • Items that are as per their description but do not meet the buyer’s expectations.
    • The cost of delivery disputes.
    • Items that are prohibited from selling on Inspire Uplift.
    • Transactions in which payments are not made through the Inspire Uplift checkout system.

    Requesting a Cancellation

    Only sellers can cancel transactions. If a buyer wants to cancel it, he may contact the seller through Messenger and request him to cancel the order. All cancellations must comply with Anti-Discrimination Policy.

    Returning an Item

    Every seller has their own return policy, which should be mentioned in the store policies.