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Acupressure Pen

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About this item
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  • Pain-free relief from body aches
  • 3 massage heads
  • 0-9 intensity levels
  • Size: 18 cm approx.
  • No side effects of use
  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • Ideal for migraine, shoulder, elbow, kneck pain, etc
Item description from the seller
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A busy day can often leave you with tiring shoulders, pain in your hands, and aching heels.

All these pains will make you old long before you should accept old age.

Prevent it from happening by using this acupressure pen to relieve yourself of the body pains. It gives small shocks to your body that acts as an activator to the tissues and reduce muscle pain by targeting acupuncture points.

What you’ll get:

  • Relief from body pain: The acupuncture sensation that the pen gives to your body improves blood flow. It effectively relieves muscular pain, spasm, migraine, and other body fatigues.
  • Multiple pen heads: This acupressure pen comes with 3 changeable heads. The flat massager is used for facial beautification, the spherical head is for pain relief, and the node head is for localized pain points.
  • Multiple power levels: This pen has a different intensity level of range 0-9. Adjust it as per your needs and increase the level for higher intensity pains.
  • Safe & pain-free use: This device gives electric current but is completely safe to use. It has no side effects. If you wear a pacemaker, then using this product is not recommended.

How to use:

Install batteries in the pen and start it on the lowest intensity level.

Attach the required head to the pen

Place it on the pain point and massage around it. Increase the level to feel more relaxed.