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Cushion Hanging Rack For Drying

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About this item
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  • Material: PP
  • Cushion hanger
  • Ideal for air and sunlight drying
  • Doesnt affect cushion shape
  • Useful to hang pillows, plush toys, etc.
Item description from the seller
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Did you sleep with the oily head, and now your favorite cushion is stained with oil marks?

You don’t want to wash the cushion as it will take an eternity to dry, and you can’t sleep without it.

We have a perfect solution that will enable you to dry the washed cushions quickly.

Use our cushion hanging rack for drying and keep your wet cushion tightly held inside the hanger.

What you’ll get:

  • Fluffy cushion shape: Drying cushions in automatic machine dryers can make them lose their fluffy shape but drying under sunlight doesn’t affect the shape of the cushion.
  • Quick-drying: With the cushion hanging and sunlight shedding on both sides of the cushion, it will dry up quickly and be right next to you while you sleep at night.
  • Get rid of bugs and dirt: Letting the cushion soak in maximum sunlight ensures that no bugs stay inside. While the cushion hangs inside the hanger, you can pat it to get rid of any dirt easily.  
  • Good sleep: A warm cushion with absorbed sunlight is perfect for ensuring that you get a good night's sleep. Unlike the cold cushions that keep you awake throughout the night, this hanger will let you enjoy a peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • Wide compatibility: Not just for cushions, this hanger can conveniently be used to hang pillows and even your favorite plush toys.