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Face-Shaped Coin Saving Box

byPlayful Picks
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About this item

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  • Coin eating storage bank
  • Imitates chewing movement to take in coin
  • Makes musical sound
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Works on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 3.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches approx.
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Item description from the seller

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Make your kids learn the art of saving money by giving them this cool face-shaped coin-saving box.

This cool gadget automatically eats away the coins that are put on its lips and save them for you.

You kids will enjoy putting all their coins in it. Once it is full, remove the lid beneath and get all the saved coins. 

Let your kids be amazed by how much money they can save in a month or more time.

What you’ll get:

  • Automatic coin eating: The coin collector has a built-in motion sensor installed that detects coin presence and eats them straight into its tummy. Just place the coin on the mouth opening, and the coin holder will open its jaw to eat it. 
  • Unique coin bank: Unlike the plastic or clay money banks that are no fun to have, this face coin box is fun to have. Your kids will love filling it with their coin savings. The musical sound makes it even more exciting for kids to use. 
  • Avoids cheating: Your kids won't be able to take out the coins once they get inside this coin holder. You’ll have to remove the lid next to the AA battery lid to take the coins out. 
  • Non-slip base: You can place this coin bank anywhere you want without worrying about it slipping. It has 4 anti-slip pads on each corner to make it ideal for placing on glass, tile, or wood.
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise the kids with this coin storage bank as a gift on birthdays or Christmas.

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Emilia Emiliaflag imageVerified Purchase
My daughter loves this bank. We laugh every time we walk by it. Pleased to have it!!
Stella Stellaflag imageVerified Purchase
My little boy saw this online and he wanted to have it. he loves to play with it every day and even takes it to bed with him. So for him, it's more of a toy than a money box, which is probably a good thing
Listed on 17 February, 2022