Foot Speed Ladder For Sprinting & Motion Control

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  • Material: PP, Nylon
  • Adjustable rungs
  • Flat profile to prevent accidents
  • Improves speed, motion control, agility
  • Different variants of length available
  • Comes with a carrier bag
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How do you think top sprinters, NFL & NBA players have made it that far?

Commitment? high mental strength? consistency? Sure, but we are talking about their physical strength here. 

They all possess speed, flexibility and motion control.

And training on a speed ladder is one of the daily exercises they have been doing throughout their legendary careers.

So if you are an aspiring athlete or the coach of a soccer team, you need to get this speed ladder just now.

It is durable, provides adjustability in terms of step size and can be easily stored.

What you’ll get:

  • Adjustable design: The nylon rope goes through the holes/openings of the PP rungs which can be adjusted according to the step size you need. Alter your speed ladder workout according to the nature of the exercise. You also have the option to choose between different lengths of the foot speed ladder.

  • Flat profile reduces stumbling: The PP rungs have a durable, flat profile that allows them to stay flat on the ground at all times. This improves the safety during your speed ladder training and avoids any accidents occurring from stumbling during the outdoor practice.

  • Improves agility & speed: These ladders are of paramount importance during exercise and training. It can be used for soccer, tennis, football or sprinting practices because it enhances speed, provides supreme motion control, makes your leg muscles tougher and improves your balance.

  • Portable: When you are done with the drills and training (simple hops, lateral hops, hop scotch, hip switch), simply roll the speed training ladder and pack it in the carrier bag which comes with the package. It can be carried anywhere.