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Forearm Wrist Roller Exerciser

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About this item
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  • Includes handle, rope, buckle, bell frame
  • Capacity of 150 kg
  • Trains your forearms
  • Improves wrist’s strength
  • Non-slip EVA grip
  • Properly winding/unwinding the rope
Item description from the seller
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Getting those strong-looking wide wrists like trainers, police officers and weight lifters is a dream. No man likes a thin wrist with ulna bone sprouted outwards.

So, become a Popeye and train your upper limbs with this forearm roller. It is a complete set consisting of a handle, a rope, a buckle and a bell frame. Simply put the weight plates in the bell frame and roll the handle, so the rope rolls upward. Get stronger, bigger forearms that look good on the camera now!

 What you’ll get:

  • Comfortable, non-slip grip: Unlike low-quality wrist rollers that develop sliding grip after some time, this EVA grip is securely attached to the handle. It provides an anti-slip grip while being soft on the skin.

  • A load-bearing capacity of 150 kg: The handle and the rope are made of Steel and Nylon, respectively. They work together in total conjunction to bear a weight of 150 kg. Add as many weights as you like to train your forearm muscles; it won’t disappoint you.

  • Improved strength: Regular use of the forearm wrist roller will build your forearm muscles, enhance wrist strength, improve wrist flexibility and your grip. This roller is also great for people involved in sports that require strong wrists like mountain climbing.

  • Wide rope ensures proper rolling: The rope is not exactly a rope but a strap that winds together perfectly. Typical ropes used in these rollers tend to roll sideways after each iteration, but this strap winds and unwinds perfectly, thus keeping your arms and wrists straight during the exercise.