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Hand Deburring Trimming Cutter

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About this item
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  • Made of High-Speed Steel
  • Offers higher smoothness compared to deburring tools
  • Portable in size
  • Change the blade with the press of a button
  • Effective on wood, plastic, 3D printed objects, metal
Item description from the seller
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Deburring tools remove burrs from raw edges and holes. But there’s a problem with them. 

They dissipate heat and their sharp edges can cut your fingers. Electric deburring tools also carry the disadvantage of excessive chamfering. 

Solve all these issues with this Hand Deburring Trimming Cutter. Using you hands just, you can trim the edges of your plastic racks, wooden tables and metallic connectors. This way, you can control the degree of chamfering and no heat will be produced. 

The chances of the surfaces getting oxidized would be eradicated as well. 

What you’ll get:

  • Permits high surfaces smoothness: Compared with grinding tools and other deburring equipment, this cutter cuts the edges more smoothly. It has a sharp cutting edge angled at just the perfect angle to deliver smooth cuts. 
  • Easier to operate: In order to change the blade, you only need to press the button, take out the old blade and replace it with the new one. 
  • Saves effort and money: It requires no batteries or electricity to work. There’s no need of additional tools as well. It is equally effective on metal, wood, plastic, alloy and rubber surfaces.