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iPhone & Android Cell Phone Fan Attachment

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About this item

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  • Made of TPE
  • Wind speed: 16,000 RPM
  • Silent battery
  • Works for both Android mobile phone & iPhone
  • Detachable fan blades
  • Use at beaches, offices, vehicles, etc.
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There are some days at work when it’s so hot that you wish there was a portable fan somewhere near you.

Or you go to the beach to get tanned but the scorching heat is making you dizzy.

Here’s the solution!

No, it’s not one of those wearable and portable fans that work on batteries.

It’s a plug in cell phone fan attachment that keeps working as long as your phone is charged. And we all know we can stay thirsty but not out of charge.

Which means…

This USB mobile fan will continue to work always😊.

What you’ll get:

  • A mini fan that needs no battery: Forget about carrying battery-operated wearable or mini fans when you have this USB phone fan attachment. It would deliver you a draft on hot days wherever and whenever you need it, provided the phone is charged. Be it in a blackout, on a beach, camping or inside an AC-deprived vehicle.

  • Silent motor operation: Even at an RPM of 16,000, the fan motor stays silent. Use the mobile phone fan at your workplace without disturbing your neighboring employee. It consumes very low power so you need not worry that it will deplete your phone’s charging.

  • Multi-device support: The biggest advantage of the 2 in 1 cell phone fan attachment is that it works with both iPhone and Android devices, thanks to the dual-port system. Attach the port relevant to your smartphones like Samsung, Apple, or iPad, and you are good to go.

  • Detachable fan blades for more portability: The blades of the fan can be detached from the body for easy carrying. Take it with you on your trips, basketball match, concerts, or picnic with the kids. 

  • Fancy mobile accessories: Our cooling fan for phone comes in black, pink, green, white, orange, and blue colors so you get to choose one each day. It literally is the best phone fan cooler for all your moody working days.


How to turn on mini phone fan?


You don’t need to install any app or look for special settings in your mobile phone to turn on this USB phone fan. Simply plug in and it will start working as long as your device is charged.