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Mini First Aid Kit Pouch

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About this item
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  • Zipper bag
  • Contents include 120 pieces
  • Enough for emergencies
  • Portable carry to trips, hiking, camping
  • Hanging, holding straps incorporated
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Camping trips are absolute fun - invigorating, nature-filled, adrenaline-boosting and exhilarating. But they do come with cons.

Snake bites, sprains, cuts, skin ailments, dehydration and burns. You would’ve to be extremely lucky not to come across any of that.

But what if you are not very lucky?

The answer is to take precautions then. But what can I have that looks after all these problems?

An old-school first aid kit.

But it should be travel-friendly and convenient.

Just like this mini first aid kit pouch which includes 120 pieces of equipment including scissors, prep pads, tweezers, CVR mask, bandages and what not.

Carry it with you on trips and remain prepared for any unfortunate impending danger.

What you’ll get:

  • Enough items for handling an emergency: The small first aid kit comes with all the basic equipment you would need to handle an emergency. It includes a gauze pad to do dressings, adhesive tape to seal the bandages, antiseptic iodine pads, safety pins, a CPR mask for cardiac arrest, alcohol prep pads for preventing bacterial infection from the cuts or wounds, etc.

  • Compact pouch to carry with ease: The pouch can be taken on your travel trips with ease. It zips together securely, there is a hanging strap to attach it with your backpack and a holding strap for quick handling during an emergency. Take it with you during hiking, camping, backpacking and field trips. It treats cuts, wounds, infections and bites, provided you have the basic knowledge of using the medical items. 

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Listed on 14 July, 2021