Mosquito Head Net-Face Shield

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  • Material: Polyester Fiber – 70D Nylon
  • Protection from mosquito bites
  • Breathable material – comfortable to wear
  • Useful for outdoor activities
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Are you always waving your hands everywhere in the air, fighting off the bugs flying around during your BBQ backyard party? Do your children complain about the mosquito bites on their faces while they draw the beautiful scenery in the park?

What if there's a way of making your outdoor gatherings peaceful? What if there’s something that protects your kid's cute face from getting cheeky red bites from mosquitos?

Take a look at this mosquito head net. Wear this lightweight net on your outdoor trips and live a life that’s a lot less tense and a lot more carefree.

What you'll get:

  • Protection from mosquito bites: Protect yourself and your loved ones' faces from mosquito and bug bites by wearing these mosquito head nets. Wear them with your round hats and enjoy everything the way it should be (without the itching mosquito bites).

  • Comfortable to wear: The soft polyester fiber, extremely breathable material, and light weight make it convenient to wear for a longer duration without being bothered by it.

  • Useful for outdoor adventure trips: Hiking and camping are great outdoor adventure trips. Use this head net for mosquitoes and enjoy your trips to the fullest without being bothered by the bugs.