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Organic Chinese Herbal Pellet

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About this item
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  • Ingredients: Rhubarb, Astragalus, Realgar, Wusong, Senna, etc
  • Package includes: 30 pills, 30 stickers
  • Natural weight loss remedy
  • Improves indigestion
  • Improve irregular menstruation and cold uterus
Item description from the seller
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Sitting on the couch, do you look at your flabby tummy and wish for a magical way to get rid of it? A way that doesn’t require you to burn calories in the gym and is comfortable to practice.

Our genie has heard your wish and granted you this organic Chinese herbal pellet. These are made with natural ingredients and are ideal for weight loss. It prevents the absorption of sugar and starch while burning the fat in your body, which effectively slims your body.

It is highly convenient to use and requires no physical effort.

What you’ll get:

  • Health benefits: The pellets are suitable for getting rid of phlegm dampness, constipation and improving your indigestion. Along with that, these also contribute to improving cold uterus and irregular menstruation cycles in females. In addition, you can correct your sleep cycle and treat cold hands and feet with these pellets.
  • Detoxifies body: The pellets block the blood from absorbing grease, sugar, and starch while also helping to burn fats and detoxify toxicants in your body.
  • No cramps: Exercising can cause muscles to cramp, but these pellets won’t cause any pain to use them. Put it in the recommended area and go by your daily tasks without being bothered by it.
  • Affordable: If you can’t afford expensive gym fees or can’t follow strict and costly to make diet plans, use these organic Chinese herbal pellets as an affordable yet effective alternative and be slimmer in weeks.  
  • Ease of use: The recommended areas to use pellets are the arm, abdomen, shoulder, back, or hip. Apply only every 48 hours. Place the pill on a clean and dry area, then cover it with the sticker to prevent it from falling.

Note: Not to be used by pregnant ladies, elderly, and children.

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