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Powerful Advance Headlight Repair Polish

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About this item
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  • Headlight repairing polish
  • 20 ml bottle of polish
  • Multipurpose cleaner and repair solution
  • Protect headlights from corrosion, fading, and pollution
  • Removes scratches and stains
  • Long lasting protection
  • Easy to apply
Item description from the seller
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You got your car’s battery recharged just because the headlights were not bright enough but are they still the same?

Well, if the problem isn’t with the batteries, then it is surely with the lights.

Check the glass of the headlights.

Is it scratched?

Or turned yellow?

If you see these issues with the headlights, then this headlight repair polish is your one solution for all such problems and many more.  

What you’ll get:

  • Increase the brightness of headlights: Once the scratches, yellow color due to oxidation, or moisture due to fog is efficiently removed from the headlight glass, your car lights will be just like a brand new car’s.
  • 2-in-1 function: It not only cleans the glass of headlights, but the polish has a hydrophobic glass coating that acts as a barrier coating over the surface of the light, protecting it from any further corrosion.
  • Easy application: All you need to do is apply the polish on the headlight with the sponge. Just scrub the light completely with the polish to give it a shining look and protection.
  • Good protection to headlights: The polish will protect the headlight from pollution like smoke and acid rain. It provides a long-lasting barrier to sunlight corrosion and weather harshness.
  • Money-saving fixture: You don’t have to replace your car’s headlights and get new ones every time they get dim. Use this affordable solution to keep your car’s headlights bright and shiny.
  • Safe driving: With clear vision because of the bright lights, you’ll be able to drive a lot easier in harsh weather conditions, like fog or rain.