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Rapid Injection Water Balloon Set

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About this item
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  • Material: Latex + Plastic
  • Fill water in balloons in seconds
  • Make exciting splashes with friends & family
  • Click adorable & memorable moments
  • No hand-tying hassle
Item description from the seller
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Having a splashing water balloon fight with friends and family is a great fun activity. It refreshes the mind and promotes physical activity.

But preparing balloons for this joy takes a toll. Like filling balloons with water and tying them one by one requires time and effort.

But not anymore with this Rapid Injection Water Balloon Set.

This injection balloon set enables you to fill numerous balloons at a time and protects you from tying hassle, helping you enjoy to the fullest.

What you’ll get:

  • Fast balloons watering: 37 balloons of each bunch are fastened with a single vent to fill all balloons at a time. Automatic tying of balloon knots makes you enjoy water games fully.  
  • Easy to use: It’s simple to use this rapid injection. Simple connect it with the tap and detach it once balloons have been filled. A light shake will separate the balloons from the rubber band while also tying them in the process.
  • Wide application: This rapid injection water balloon set is perfect for summer pool parties, kids' birthday parties, and playing water games anywhere.

Package includes: 111 x Balloons, 111 x Rubber Bands, 1 x Replacement Tool