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Soft Foldable Baby Owl Play Mat Cover

byPlayful Picks
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About this item
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  • Material: Cotton-polyester
  • Size: 77cm approx.
  • 2 toy attachments for fun playing
  • 1 pillow for support
  • Luxuriously soft brown fabric
  • Folds up easily for travel
  • Great baby shower gift
  • Age range: Less than 3 years
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Item description from the seller
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Kids are cute and angelic.

But only when they are sleeping:p. Okay, it may sound a bit harsh but be honest, isn’t it completely, undoubtedly, unmistakenly true?

They demand constant attention, cry out loud when you are doing the dishes or cleaning the washroom, wander everywhere where they shouldn’t but that’s how toddlers are, right? What can you do?

The good thing is you can do a lot to settle them up – just get this baby owl play mat and give them the fun they need at a single place. He can roll over this mat, lean against the curved pillow, rattle the toy attachment and have an enjoyable playtime. You can do all your household chores; washing, cleaning, knitting during this time. Isn’t it the product you direly needed!

What you’ll get:

  • Baby floor mat for fun playtime: Provide a relaxing playtime to your toddler with this super soft activity gym. The pillow supports your kid and helps him in crawling, while the 2 toy attachments let him rattle and squeeze them playfully. Detach the toys any time you want.

  • Soft fabric for extended comfort: No need to worry if your cute kid will be comfortable on this owl activity mat or not. It is made of knitted cotton and polyester fabric that is soft enough for sensitive baby skin. The patterned belly and wings of the owl add to the color of the mat and make your kid immersed in the fun.

  • Washable and durable: The play mat is machine washable and unlike low-quality mats, it doesn’t fall apart after one wash. It’s also kid-friendly as it is securely stitched so that your toddlers doesn’t pull out stuff and put them in their mouths.

  • Easy to carry: Although the mat is 77cm in length approximately, it can be folded for easy storage and travel. Take it with you while going on vacations and trips. 

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Isla Islaflag imageVerified Purchase
I love this mat and so does my daughter. She pokes the animals and uses it to roll over on because it's such a nice material. Before this mat I couldn't get her to do more than 5 minutes of tummy time. Now that she has it she does 15-20 minutes. She has started rolling now because her muscles have been built up from the extra tummy time. Highly Recommended
Listed on 14 September, 2021