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Stretch & Adjust Waist Belt

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About this item
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  • Slims the waist by 3-4 inches
  • Perfect waist trainer for hourglass shape
  • Increases sweating on the midsection and burns fat
  • 100% natural, latex-free neoprene
  • The hooks are tight, secure & elastic
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable wear
  • Wear for workout, fat burn training, doing household chores
  • Provides support to your back & sides
Item description from the seller
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Slim your waistline up to 3-5 inches with the Stretch & Adjust Waist Belt!

Put the best waist trainer and body shaper on the underbust for an instant, gorgeous hourglass shape. It sculpts your figure for a slimmer appearance. The belt firmly wraps around your midsection, including both the upper and lower abdomen.

It increases perspiration as you go about your daily activities as well as walking, running or performing other types of workout training routines. Wear our corset shapewear, sweat more and increase fat burning!

What you’ll get:

  • Adjustable and comfortable: This amazing Waist Trainer Shapewear is constructed with Flex-Boning Technology, so it works more like a corset or waist cincher. The adjustable velcro closure waistband enhances the compression around your tummy. The stretch & adjust waist belt targets the area at your midsection and increases sweating during fitness workouts to stimulate faster fat burning in the abdominal region.

  • High quality belt: Our shapewear waist trainer belt is made of the finest fabric, a 100% latex-free, stretchy neoprene that won’t itch, pinch, or irritate your skin. Moreover, it's super easy to clean and fits snugly into your body to tuck in that extra fat around the tummy and love handles. Adjust your waist wrap for breathable and comfortable wear.

  • Suitable for every woman: This is the best waist trainer for women who are looking to reshape their bodies after childbirth. The waist trainer corset provides firm support to your waist. It can be used for lower belly flat and flattens the tummy with an easily adjustable waist trimmer band, making it an excellent choice as a postpartum belly wrap. It also functions quite efficiently as fajas or cinturillas reductoras as well.

  • Stretchy fit: The stretch & adjust waist Belt is extremely stretchy in all the right places and provides loads of support for your sides and back. In addition, if you suffer from lower back pain issues, our high waist trainer belt acts as a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support and help relieve pain while improving posture!

  • Pain-relief: This amazing Zanker waist support belt reduces the risk of injury, keeps muscles warm, improves posture, stabilizes the spine and provides support to help prevent herniated discs, lumbar muscle strain and back pain.

  • Perfect for every body shape: Good news! We have got shapewear for petite and plus size people to tuck all that fat in. so, choose from the list of stylish colors and order yours now.


Size Chart

Size Waist
S 22 to 27 Inches
M 28 to 32 Inches
L 32 to 36 Inches
XL 36 to 40 Inches
XXL 40 to 44 Inches

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