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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
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Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case
Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case

Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case

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  • Sturdy and reliable - this phone case is made of ABS & PET material that withstands everyday wear and tear.
  • Perfect for your daily routine - designed specifically for smartphones, it provides you with the protection you need for your device.
  • Worry-free adventures - enjoy your water activities without worrying about your phone getting damaged, as it is waterproof and anti-fog.
  • Easy access and visibility - it opens up to 60 degrees, allowing you to easily access your phone's features and ensuring clear visibility of your screen.
  • Stay connected - with its touch-sensitive screen, you can conveniently use your phone without having to remove it from the case. Stay connected, even in challenging environments.
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Are you tired of having to choose between enjoying your favorite shows or worrying about getting your phone wet while in the bath or shower? Well, worry no more! This wall mounted waterproof phone case will sort out your problem.

Whether you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen or taking a relaxing soak in the tub, this case has got you covered. The double waterproof feature, secured by a silicone seal, ensures that your phone stays completely dry even in the midst of water splashes.

You can operate your phone with ease while it's safely tucked away in the case. The 0.25mm thick transparent screen is touch-sensitive, allowing you to play, pause, or fast-forward your video with just a tap.

But what about the fear of your phone falling out of the case? Worry not, my friends! The 90s era tape-recorder-style opening ensures that even if the case opens accidentally, your phone won't fall out. And the opening angle is limited to 60 degrees, providing extra security for your phone.

This phone case comes equipped with a no-fog screen, designed to withstand the high humidity and temperature changes that come with bath time.

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Lori Mflag imageVerified Purchase
Where have you been? This product is one of those hidden gems. This makes it super easy for me to watch TV in the shower (note 9), check emails etc. The adhesive is good it's held up for days now and it's not going anywhere. Definitely a great buy.
Carl Hflag imageVerified Purchase
So far this shower case is awesome! The adhesives on the back are super strong, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to come loose at all. It is super easy to use! The touch screen works perfectly and you can hear your phone perfectly as well. I would definitely recommend!
Krista Bflag imageVerified Purchase
Totally cool! I used to put my cordless house phone in a freezer bag and take it into the shower when I was a kid so I definitely feel like I’m in the future now! Goes well with my multicolored shower light
Anna Rflag imageVerified Purchase
It’s honestly amazing my boyfriend loves it and it sticks really well to our pop corn walls which was something I worried about it really sticks to every surface.
Listed on 29 October, 2020