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You spend the most relaxing time of your day in your bedroom. Unless it’s exceedingly satisfying and mood-boosting, your dream of a stress-free life is impossible. 


Our bedding accessories will make this journey easy for you. Choose from our wide variety of comforter sets, bed sheets, bed pillows, sheets, blankets, baby nests and cots, etc. 


Choose what aligns with your interest, select what fits with your mood and purchase what suits your buying parameters. Whether you are a fan of weighted blankets or 7-set bedding sets, checkered throws or decorative bed runners, organic sheets or bulky pillowcases, rubber bed risers or duvet clips, swaddles for your newborns or embroidered throws, we have it all. And then we have different styles too, ranging from boho to contemporary, Egyptian and textured. 

You will find fitting bed accessories for your needs here, be it fasteners, extenders, comforters or other attachments. Every product is mentioned with its care instructions so it lasts long with you. Happy shopping.