Uniquely Shaped Sandwich Press Cutter Sealer

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Perfectly cuts and seals sandwiches
  • Perfect for school lunch or picnics
  • Available in variable shapes
  • Easy and safe to use
  • 2 pieces; cutter & sealer

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As much as your kids love eating PB&J sandwiches, the sight of its contents dripping from the base and staining their shirts is troubling.

You rush them to the sink to wash their clothes so that it doesn’t leave a permanent stain, but the damage has been done. Now you’ll be spending a good amount of time hand washing it.

This thought is enough to give you chills.

Looking for a way to stay ahead of such unfavorable events?

No parent will ever say no to this.

Bring these innovative sandwich sealers to your kitchen as a solution and make sealed sandwiches for your young ones. They will instantly fall in love with the unique and cute-shaped sandwiches and never make a fuss about eating them.

What you’ll get:

  • Cute shapes: This sandwich sealer comes in cute shapes, which is ideal for attracting innocent kids. Bring creativity to your kitchen and impress your loved ones.

  • Healthy sandwiches: This sandwich cutter is made with food-grade plastic that ensures the bread stays safe and does not become toxic. Giving healthy meals is the priority of every parent and this bread sealer ensures that.

  • Safe and easy to use: With no sharp edges, using this sandwich sealer is completely safe for children. It is an excellent way of introducing them to kitchen responsibilities and to make cooking a healthy and bonding experience for the entire family.

  •  Multiple uses: It is not only suitable for bread but efficiently cuts cheese, ham and minced beef meat to make perfectly shaped patties.

How to use:

1.  Apply your favorite ingredients on bread slices and make a sandwich.

2.  Take the large cutter and cut through the bread.

3.  Remove the extra crust portion.

4.  Push the sealer through the large cutter and seal the bread.

5.  Separate the sealed sandwich from the plastic shapers and enjoy the meal. 

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Listed on 17 July, 2021