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Black and red leather bracelet for men and women. Sami reindeer leather bracelet. Celtic jewelry

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Authentic Sami leather buckskin bracelets for men and women. The bracelets are made entirely of natural materials and are fastened with a deer horn button.

The correct size of the bracelet is the wrist circumference +1 cm.

Unique Scandinavian (Sami) jewelry and accessories made of deerskin and antlers came to us from Sweden. Only a few dozen masters in the world are engaged in this craft.

All my products are made by hand from high-quality European materials.

- Natural vegetable-tanned leather dyed with natural dyes. These bracelets do not cause allergic reactions and irritation.
- The unique tin-silver alloy wire does not darken and does not change color.
- I make each bracelet individually for your wrist circumference, so you can be sure that it will fit perfectly on your hand.
- Natural stones, pearls and beads made of 925 sterling silver are also used in jewelry.
- All bracelets and other jewelry are sent to you in boxes with a branded Scandicraft sticker or cute bags with a Scandicraft label.

If you are interested in making the bracelet serve you for many years, please do not soak it in water!

If you still have questions, please write to me in private messages.