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Handmade Scottish Claymore Sword J2 steel Highland Claymore Black Medieval Swords Personalized Sword Groomsmen Gifts USA

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  • Handmade Scottish Claymore Sword J2 steel Highland Claymore Black Medieval Swords Personalized Sword Groomsmen Gifts Christmas Gifts For USA
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Legend of the Seeker comes from a notable TV show called 'Legend of the Seeker. All alone, the sword doesn't have a lot of significance and the main justification for the fame of the searcher blade is a direct result of the TV series. Since the TV series holds such a lot of significance where the sword is worried, here is some data about it. It is a network show which depends on the books which are known as 'The Sword of Truth' by Terry Goodkind.

in this way, you can say that the novel and the TV series are generally about the sword. This show was created by ABC Studios being it the initial endeavor into broadcast partnership. The chief makers around then were Joshua Donen, Kenneth Biller, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, and Ned Nalle. November first, 2008 is the day when the show previously debuted. It ran for two seasons and afterwards got dropped in 2010.

Like the books, the series follows the excursion of Richard Cipher, a wizard named Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, a questioner named Kahlan Amnell, and a champion called Cara. In their excursion, they protect individuals of their government against annihilation and oppression. The story in the TV series is not the same as the one in the books.

Legend of the Seeker has 38 inches of absolute length.

The legend searcher sword has a tingled edge and a variety-filled plan.

It is made with great hardened steel.

cowhide sheath free.

It has an all-out weight of 1.55 KG.

The knob and the gatekeeper have antiquated plans.

Highlights and SPECIFICATIONS:

~ Absolute Length: 38 inches approx

~ Cutting Edge Length: 28" inches approx

~ Handle length: 10"inches

~ Cutting edge Material: Stainless Steel

~Sheath: High-Quality Leather sheath


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Listed on 3 January, 2024